Fresh Water Department

Our freshwater fish department consists of 5 separate central filtration systems. The first system houses all feeder fish including comets, tuffies and guppies. The second system consists of 500 gallons, home to all our fancy goldfish, koi and smaller pond fish.

goldfishThe larger specimens of pond fish and our aquatic turtles will find their home in our 1200 gallon pond, hand crafted of native Vermont stone from South Hero! The stone in this pond is awesome and comes complete with fossils found during the days when Lake Champlain was a saltwater sea! We will be offering this stone for sale to landscape your pond or aquarium (as weather permits) . You may even find your own fossil!

Our freshwater tropical fish inhabit the remaining 2 systems totaling 1700 gallons. You will find all your favorites including livebearers, tetras, barbs, gouramis, catfish, plecos, and more!. If the unusual is what you're after, we've got a great assortment of the rare and exotic species not found in those "boxy" stores! We'll even special order that certain fish you've been looking for!

Plant Tank This system also offers a nice selection of live plants thriving in Carib Sea's Eco-Complete live plant gravel-a must for the serious natural aquarist! While you're here check out our 95 gallon "Wave" plant and Discus display tank from All Glass Aquarium. Beautifully landscaped, it is filtered by the with an AGA sump filter. These sleek, stylish tanks are available in either a left wave or a right wave and can even be situated next to each other for a complete "wave" effect! Very cool!

Our African Cichlid system includes 6 aquariums totaling 300 gallons to house these beautiful, hardy fish. You'll find species from both Lake Tanganika and Lake Malawi. While we stock many of these species, we will gladly special order for you also.

Gold Fish SystemTo compliment our large offerings of live aquatics, we carry a huge variety of products to guarantee your fish keeping success. Our knowledgeable sales staff is always ready and willing to guide you through your purchase whether it be setting up your first goldfish bowl or putting the finishing touches on your 210 gallon reef tank! Our product lines include All Glass Aquarium, Hagen, Tetra, Sea Chem, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Kent Marine, Oceanic, Instant Ocean/Aquaria, Omega One SERA, and many other fine brands. We also offer custom designed tanks and installations. If we don't have what you need we will gladly special order it for you, another reason to shop "outside the box"! Ask about specially drilled aquariums for use with wet/dry sump filters, too.

We offer a 7 day fish guarantee, free water testing, all the advice you could hope for and service with a smile!